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Questions When Hiring a Pressure Washing Service in Charlotte

Helpful question when hiring a Pressure Washing Service in Charlotte

  1. Are you Licensed and properly insured?  Yes
  2. Do you have local references and on line reviews?  Yes
  3. Do you have a web site? (this is a good indication how serious they take their business) Yes
  4. Who does the work? Owner
  5. Do you use sub-contractors? No
  6. Do you use low- pressure to wash houses? (high pressure has lots of potential problems) Yes
  7. Do you use Environmentally friendly soaps? (not dish soap, or laundry soap) Yes
  8. Do you belong to any professional industry organizations? Yes
  9. Do you belong to the Better Business Bureau? Yes
  10.  Are you on Angie List?  Yes
  11. Is your pressure washing equipment Professional grade? (not bought at a big box store) Yes
  12. Is your Pressure Washing Equipment mounted on your rig? (not on a frame with wheels) Yes

Professional Pressure Washing Service in Charlotte.

I wrote this article in hopes to make it easier for  home owners to know what to look for when hiring a professional power washing service, here in Charlotte NC . Unfortunately their are many horror stories about hiring power washing companies, and the damage they cause. So in hopes of helping better the industry. I hope I have armed you with some questions to weed out the hacks that are here today and gone tomorrow. Here is another article that has a picture of what can happen when hiring the wrong pressure washing company, and some other things to look out for. CLICK. Here is yet another article you may find interesting written by a colleague of mine down by the coast that touches on the points in my article and drives home the importance of using a soft wash system versus using high pressure to clean your home. Click.

Please consider calling Dave Macs Power Washing for all your homes pressure washing needs. 704-321-0123.


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