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Questions to ask when hiring a pressure washing company


Is the outside of your home covered in mildew and dirt?

It’s getting to be that time of year again. The winter weather has taken its toll. Mildew, mold and algae are infesting your home and causing an eyesore, eating away at the life of your paint and decking as well as discoloring your sidewalks, driveways and patios. Hiring a pressure washing company to take care of your exterior cleaning needs is a real investment that will give you an instant boost in curb appeal.

If you value your home, chances are that you aren’t going to just hand the job of pressure cleaning your home to anyone. You want to hire a pressure cleaning company that specializes in low pressure cleaning methods which provides the best results, without causing any damage to your home. As a home owner, it is a good idea to interview several companies before making that final decision of who will clean your home’s exterior. I have comprised a list of several questions to help assist you in hiring the best pressure washing service.

  • Is the pressure cleaning company fully insured?  Don’t underestimate the amount of damage a pressure washer in the wrong hands can produce. Ask for a current certificate of liability  insurance as well as work mans comp certificate. Don’t rely on their word alone and check over the documentation as well. Be sure you are in good hands.
  1. Do they have references? An established power washing company should be able to easily produce a list of satisfied customers for reference. Search out testimonials, both good and bad. See if the pressure cleaning company can provide you with names and contact information of recent customers willing to share their experience.
  2. Do they have experience with residential or multifamily pressure cleaning services?  Not all pressure washing companies provide the same services. An industrial cleaning company would likely specialize with the use of chemicals and higher pressure, whereas a company that specializes in cleaning homes would have an understanding of safe cleaning solutions with detergents that are safe to the landscaping and lower pressure that won’t damage your home.
  3. Are they equipped properly? A professional pressure cleaning company will have systems and processes laid out with a focus on safety for both person and property being top priority. This comes only with having the latest and greatest tools at their disposal to give your home the greatest clean possible. If they intend on dragging a pressure washer they bought from a big box store around your home and lugging a monstrous ladder around, banging it against your home’s walls, they aren’t properly equipped. Their chances at causing damage due to extra effort, fatigue and improper equipment increases exponentially. Your home isn’t worth those kinds of risks that come with cheap equipment in  amateurs hands.

Dave Mac is the owner and operator of Dave Macs Power Washing. Dave has been serving the residents of Charlotte in Ballantyne and surrounding areas with the best residential pressure washing services for over ten years. With a list of thousands of satisfied customers, you can be sure to receive a professional pressure washing service  that will make your home look great without causing any damage.


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