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 Vinyl Siding in and around the Charlotte NC area.

In order to properly clean vinyl siding, you have to first be aware of what is contaminating the siding. In the Carolina’s with the humid atmosphere we have mildew and algae that grow on the siding, and if not cleaned off in a timely manor,  will cause pre-mature fading and aging of the vinyl siding. Algae and mildew are some of the main reasons for the deterioration of your homes exterior. Dave Macs Power Washing service recommends regular safe house washing between every year and every other year depending on your environment.

Oxidation on Vinyl Siding.

Oxidation is a common occurrence on vinyl siding houses, and is caused by mother nature. The UV rays the sun puts out eventually causes a braked down in the vinyl and causes a chalky like finish to appear on the surface. When you wipe your hand across the siding that has the oxidation issue you will get a chalky residue left on your hand, and a mark will be left on the siding. I know  a lot of homeowners think that buying a vinyl house will be maintenance free and have beautiful shiny siding for the duration of the home life. Unfortunately mother nature wins out again because their is no real defense against the oxidation other then to clean regularly. Darker colors fade and oxidize much quicker then lighter colors, and yes vinyl can be painted using the proper vinyl safe paint. The oxidation can be removed but is extremely labor intensive and can cost in the thousands, and their is still no guarantee that a uniform finish will remain.

Cleaning oxidized Vinyl Siding.

When cleaning siding that has been oxidized, it is very important to use a good quality soap and low pressure. The slightest amount of high pressure can leave Zorro marks on your siding and cause a terrible eye sore. You can safely remove the algae and mildew with out disturbing the oxidation by using a high gallon per minute washing unit and a proper house wash cleaning solution. Simply spray on and rinse off.  This is when having the proper equipment and knowledge and critical in getting the  job done properly.  In the picture below, you will see a example of what zorro marks are , and what can happen when using pressure.

power washing charlotte

Zorrro marks caused by high pressure

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