How saving a dollar on Power Washing can cost you more!


 Trying to save a dollar may cause you to lose many dollars.

The below picture is a job of a person who who washed a house using high pressure. Now its going to cost up to 20-times the original price of the house wash  to fix  the Vinyl siding damaged from using high pressure to clean it. Unfortunately this trade has many people entering the market calling themselves professionals and  are simply misleading the clients.  The below picture is just one example of what can happen to your vinyl siding (notice all the zorro marks) when hiring one of these fly by nights. In a recent article I wrote, I give some advice on what to look for when hiring a professional and protecting yourself from the $150 house wash bandit that is here today and gone tomorrow.

If your getting a deal that sounds to good  to be true, then it probably is..

The Picture below represents what happens when a person uses pressure to clean the siding on  a house. A lot of people including homeowners and so called professionals  simply do not know the proper way to wash a house,and will cause more damage than anything else when attempting to clean a house.

The Proper cleaning agents, with the proper equipment and a knowledgeable contractor is the formula for a safe effective low-pressure house washing solution. Choose your Power washing service contractor wisely.

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