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FAQ About Pressure Washing In Charlotte NC

Frequently Asked Pressure Washing Questions

Q.  What is the safest way to clean my Vinyl siding?

A. Low-Pressure is the safest way to clean Vinyl siding. Low-Pressure and the proper cleaning solution is far more    effective and efficient then using pressure to clean Vinyl siding. Pressure can cause all sorts of damage like Zorro  marks on the siding, as well as water intrusion. The proper cleaning solution kills the root of the mold and mildew.  While using just pressure will only remove what you see on the surface, leaving the roots to grow back quickly.


Q. When is the best time of year to have my house washed?

A. A Low-Pressure House Wash here in Charlotte NC can be performed almost any time of year. As long as  temperatures are above 40 degrees we can clean the Algae, mildew, mold off your home. Warmer temperatures do  have a positive effect on the cleaning solutions allowing quicker dwell times to clean. It should be noted that gutter  whitening does not work unless the temperatures are around 70 degrees, because we use a different solution for this  service and the solution goes dormant in the colder temperatures.


Q. What is Gutter Whitening?

A. This is when we remove the tiger stripes and black oxidation from the face of the gutters. This is not included in          your normal house wash service and is a separate service. This service is only offered when the temperatures are    70    degrees or above. The mold, mildew and algae are cleaned off the gutters with the normal house wash service.


Q. Will I need to clean my windows after you are done Pressure Washing my house?

A. No, our cleaning solution is made specifically for house washing (its not dish wash soap like some use) it is specially formulated to clean mildew, algae and mold off your home. While having rinsing agents and water softeners in the cleaning solution. What this does is actually helps clean your glass, and leaves a slight shine on the glass. We have had many clients thank us for leaving their windows so clean.  (not as good a hand squeegee)


Q. Will I have to be home when you are Pressure Washing my House?

A. No, as a matter of fact a majority of our clients are not at home when we do the washing. We try to make it as  convenient as possible for our clients.


Q. What is expected of me before you arrive to do the work?

A. Please have all the windows securely closed. You have the option to remove the screens before we arrive so the  sills can be flushed out. Client is responsible for removing all items from porches that are not to be cleaned. Please have all out side lights turned off.


Q. What is and is not included in your normal house wash.

A. With our normal house wash we will remove all mildew, algae, mold, spider webs, and  grime. Things that would not be included and may or may not be able to come clean. Rust removal, red mud, Gutter Whitening, soot on brick chimney. We can address these items on a per job basis.


Q. Is House Washing harmful to my landscaping?

A. I have herd many stories of landscaping being ruined by so called “Pros” from either using the wrong cleaning solutions or just using to much pressure, so this a great question. We use a environmentally friendly soap that will not harm your landscaping. We also have a process of continually watering all landscaping around the areas to be cleaned. We do this before during and after the cleaning to assure landscape safety.


Dave Macs Power Washing Charlotte (704)321-0123 is a fully insured Pressure Washing service. We service Charlotte NC and all surrounding areas. Give us a call for all your Power Washing needs.







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