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Before and After a Dave Mac’s Signature House Cleaning – Yes, That’s Water On The Camera.

The cost of power washing or pressure washing is a part of a regular maintenance regime for any home or building.  Keeping your siding clean, your driveway clean, your sidewalk clean and any exterior portion of your building clean can take a lot of work.  When you see a pressure washing pro cut through the grime in seconds you’ll know why it’s so important to choose the professionals.

The Cost of Power Washing Equipment

power washing equipmentTo most people it wouldn’t look like you’d need very much equipment for a power washing business but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  While it’s true you can buy power washing units for under $500 at a local hardware store they are not even in the same class of machine that we’re using to professionally clean houses.  More than just pressure washers our equipment consists of hundreds of feet of special hoses, ladders, spray nozzles and even specialized machines for particular projects where they can work better.

There is a lot of state-of-the-art equipment that we’ll be using to carefully clean your home, gutters,sidewalk, driveway or whatever you’ve hired us to do.  You can be sure we’ll be using the right tools for the job so you are getting the best possible results.

The Cost of Insurance

Cost of InsuranceLike any business that provides a service to their customers at their customers location it would be silly for us not to have insurance.  Working with water under pressure, on ladders, and in sometimes precarious positions definitely requires that we have adequate insurance to protect ourselves and to protect your property.  It’s certainly a cost of doing business, but there are many power washing companies running around cleaning houses that do not possess valid insurance and you don’t want to be involved in one of those stories.

The Cost Of Fuel and Transport

transporting our equipmentOur power washing equipment operates with small gas engines.  This obviously requires fuel, which we go through plenty of in a day’s work.  Aside from the cost of fueling our equipment we also tow around our fully equipped trailer, with all our equipment and in some cases many gallons of water so we can work remotely.  The fuel bill to transport all of this around Charlotte all-day every week get’s fairly expensive.

The Cost Of Cleaning Supplies

Aside from the water we’ll be using to clean your house, siding, deck or driveway we’ll also need to use special cleaners and/or detergents (whichever is applicable to your situation).  These are commercial grade cleaning agents that you won’t be able to find in a local store.  When you have severe staining on a building or on a driveway then you need the right detergents for the job.

The Cost Of Experience

Careful House Washing Charlotte NC
Damaged Siding From An In-Experienced Power Washer!

Pressure washers can be extremely dangerous and damaging when in the wrong hands.  When you have a stream water rushing out of the nozzle at a few hundred PSI it can cause damage very quickly.  In fact, they use water at high pressure to cut steel and other metals so you can be sure it will be damaging to your home when the pressure is too high.

By choosing to work with an experience pressure washing company you’ll have the peace of mind knowing we’ve done this before.  We’ll use the right tools for the job, and we’ll make sure we protect and care for your property.

The Cost of Convenience

We’re mobile and we can come to you.  This saves you time because we’ll be coming right to your project.  This saves you money because you won’t need to supply any equipment or store it after you’re done using it.

Who Provides Pressure Washing Services in Charlotte, NC?

Pressure washing Services
Our fully Equipped Trailer

Dave Mac’s Power Washing service is based out of Charlotte, NC.  We specialize in all types of exterior house washing and/or commercial properties.  From siding to decks to driveways to sidewalks and more.

If it’s a large area that needs to be cleaned, it’s hard to reach, and requires the touch of a pro then don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us today.  In fact, if you use the Free Online Estimate tab in our top menu you can get an estimate in just a few minutes.

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