Professional pressure cleaning versus hacks


Pros Vs Hacks With Pressure Washing
The example on the left shows streaks left all over a home. This was a poorly executed job! The example on the right shows what high pressure and inexperience can do to your siding!

Professional Pressure Cleaning versus the hack.

Today I am going to discuss some of the many benefits that you will receive when hiring a professional pressure cleaning service such as Dave Macs Power Washing, and some things that set us apart from the competition. We are going to give you some ammunition to help recognize what to look for when seeking a  professorial cleaning company compared to the hacks that are giving this wonderful industry a bad name and leaving a bad taste in their victims mouths.

Above are a couple of images of exactly what I am talking about, I think the above images  speak for themselves. Can you tell by looking at the images above, which one was the $99 dollar house wash, and which one was done by a professorial pressure cleaning company. Unfortunately its just to easy for someone to go to a big box store and purchase a pressure washer and start calling themselves  professional pressure washers. These type of “Professionals” can do more harm than good and cost you the homeowner thousands in replacing siding and other things that get damaged from using  pressure to clean a home.

We use a professional cleaning surfactant (soap) made exclusively for house washing. Yes this product does cost a lot more then your home dish washing soap that a lot of  so called “professions” use, we feel it is worth the extra cost and here are some of the many benefits you will receive because we use this surfactant in our cleaning solution. It is  plant friendly and will leave your windows with a gleam on them. This product is specially formulated to aid in cleaning mildew, mold and algae from your home. It has a long lasting cling time that allows the cleaning solution do the work and restore your homes curb appeal. After completely soaping your home and allowing proper dwell time, we follow with a high volume rinse, to safely  remove all the mildew, mold and age from your house, and restore the beautiful curb appeal it once had. You do not want someone using regular dish washing soap as their surfactant in their cleaning solution to clean your home, as it is made for cleaning grease and oil from  dishes and will suck out the waxes in your vinyl siding causing pre mature fading and possible oxidation. It may also spot up the windows, and may or may not be plant friendly.

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