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Not only do these elements that mother nature sends to attack the exterior of our homes cause a eye sore for the neighborhood, but they are simply not healthy to be around, and could quite possibly make us sick if not removed in  a timely fashion. Other negative consequences of leaving mildew and algae unattended on our home are possible erosion of the finish of your homes exterior, mildew and algae accelerate the the deterioration of the exterior of our homes rather quickly if left unattended. And last but not least, let us not forget those HOA’s that have rules against leaving your house in such dirty way that causes a eye sore for the rest of the community. Some of these communities actually have fines that are levied on people that have mildew and green algae on their homes.

Low-Pressure Safe House Washing

House washing has come a long way in the last decade. In the past a lot of guys would use pressure to remove all the mildew and algae from your home, unfortunately some still use this process. What happens when you use just pressure to remove the mildew and algae from your home is that it does not actually kill the algae or mildew. So when you blast it off only the top layer is being removed leaving behind the deep roots to grow back quickly.  Not only does using pressure to clean your home not do a good job, but the possible damage that could occur is just not worth the risk. Here is a article more on that if you are interested. The proper way to wash a house is first finding the best cleaning solution for the particular environment that you are cleaning in.  The cleaning solution does all the work, and kills the mildew and algae at the roots so it wont grow back so soon. Using Low-Pressure so you done have to worry about tearing up siding or leaving zorro marks, or water getting inside the house etc…

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