Remove Algae and Mold in Charlotte

The Difference between Mold and Algae on Your Home Mold and algae look very much the same, but in reality, they are completely different organisms. Algae aren’t generally as dangerous as mold when it is inhaled and it doesn’t stick around as long. But it still needs to be removed from your home. An algae-covered home tends to look run down and … [Read more...]

Algae removal in Charlotte NC

Removing mildew,  green algae, mold, in Charlotte NC. Not only do these elements that mother nature sends to attack the exterior of our homes cause a eye sore for the neighborhood, but they are simply not healthy to be around, and could quite possibly make us sick if not removed in  a timely fashion. Other negative consequences of leaving mildew … [Read more...]

Low Pressure House Washing Charlotte

Safe House Washing In Charlotte, 100% Safe. The dreaded look of algae, mildew and mold on your homes siding is not only a eye sore, but in many of the communities we work for in and around the Charlotte area it is against the rules, and you could face fines if not cleaned right away . Furthermore and  most importantly algae and mildew will shorten … [Read more...]

Questions When Hiring a Pressure Washing Service in Charlotte

Helpful question when hiring a Pressure Washing Service in Charlotte Are you Licensed and properly insured?  Yes Do you have local references and on line reviews?  Yes Do you have a web site? (this is a good indication how serious they take their business) Yes Who does the work? Owner Do you use sub-contractors? No Do you use low- … [Read more...]

Power Washing Service Charlotte, NC

Their are many Power washing services in Charlotte to choose from. So what are some things that may help you in making a decision on who to trust with your home. Here is a article that I hope aides you in your decision making process CLICK HERE ARE SOME OF OUR FAVORITE SUB DIVISIONS WE HAVE WORKED IN ALL OVER CHARLOTTE. Alexsis – Hwy … [Read more...]

Vinyl Siding Cleaning Waxhaw NC

 Vinyl Siding Cleaning When cleaning Vinyl siding their  really only is one safe and effective way to clean it. Low-Pressure with the proper cleaning detergents is the only way a professional Pressure Washing Company will clean Vinyl siding, some people in the industry also refer to this as "Soft-Washing". Weather you call it Low-Pressure Washing … [Read more...]