What Parts of Your Home Can be Power Washed

What Parts of Your Home Can be Power Washed? Keeping the home’s exterior can take some effort, and use up a lot of your time. Exposure to the elements can leave the house and the property looking dirty. With a power washer, you can deal with this problem quickly. However, you should know there parts of the home where it can be used. The roof. … [Read more...]

Top Reasons Why You Need A Professional Power Washing Service

Top Reasons Why You Need A Professional To Clean Mold And Mildew From Your Home's Exterior As a homeowner, there will always come a time when you find that it is nearly impossible to get rid of some of the dirt, mildew, grime and other stains that can build up around your property by using your traditional garden hose. This is where a power washer … [Read more...]

Dave Macs Power Washing

Well its that time of year, the holidays are among us and it is a good time to reflect back through out the year. First I would like to give thanks to my heavenly Father for all the blessing I have received this year, for with out Jesus non of this would be possible. It has been a great year for Dave Macs Power Washing, we made some big changes … [Read more...]

House Washing Service in Charlotte, NC

Today we are going to look at the many different ways and techniques of washing a house. Some of these techniques are good and some are bad, so hopefully after reading this article you will be able to determine the best safest way to have your home washed. We feel we use the best most efficient safest way to wash your house and want you to be aware … [Read more...]

Why Hire Dave Macs Power Washing in Charlotte NC?

Why would you hire Dave Mac's Power Washing for your next power washing project in Charlotte, North Carolina? Licensed & Insured —- Yes Full time Pressure Washing service —- Yes (this is not a part time gig for us, we do it for a living) Local & Trustworthy —– Yes ( I live in the Ballantyne area) Local References available upon … [Read more...]

Power Washing Service Charlotte, NC

Their are many Power washing services in Charlotte to choose from. So what are some things that may help you in making a decision on who to trust with your home. Here is a article that I hope aides you in your decision making process CLICK HERE ARE SOME OF OUR FAVORITE SUB DIVISIONS WE HAVE WORKED IN ALL OVER CHARLOTTE. Alexsis – Hwy … [Read more...]

Benefits of Pressure Washing Charlotte NC

Benefits of Pressure Washing your House Charlotte, NC  704-321-0123 Consider hiring a professional Pressure Washing service to restore its beauty and make it sparkle again. If the exterior of your home is looking a little grimy and dingy after the brutal winter we just had here in Charlotte NC, or from years of neglect, and you are wondering what … [Read more...]

Hiring A Pressure Washing Company

Dave Mac's Power Washing (704) 321-0123 Questions to ask when hiring a pressure washing company   Is the outside of your home covered in mildew and dirt? It's getting to be that time of year again. The winter weather has taken its toll. Mildew, mold and algae are infesting your home and causing an eyesore, eating away at the life of your … [Read more...]