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Today’s first stop of the day is in the area code of 28277 and is in a subdivision called South Hampton  . The home owner received one of those nasty HOA letters threatening him with fines if he didn’t have his house cleaned asp. In this particular case the HOA only required him to have one side of the house cleaned. This one side was causing a eye sore to the neighborhood and had to be taken care of. This is when Dave Macs Power Washing comes in to the equation! Since this home owner is in our main service area washing one side of the home is no issue for us at all, we gratefully obliged his request to wash only one side of the home.



Repeat client for Pressure Washing in Matthews NC

The next stop of the day is not far from the first stop and is in Matthews NC, in a very nice subdivision called Chestnut. This particular house wash is a client that has used us three times in the past, which we are very grateful for. This job will be a full house wash, algae removal, along with a gutter whitening service which really helps the curb appeal, and compliments the house wash so nicely.


Referred Client For Pressure Washing in Indian Trail NC

The final Pressure washing job for the day is located in Indian Trail NC, and is in a very upscale neighborhood called Taylor Glen. This client was referred to us by their next door neighbor who we washed back in 2013 and will be washing again in the next couple of weeks after the pollen is fully gone. The reason for this house wash today is they are putting their home on the market and getting it ready for sale. Nothing sells like a clean house. We will be doing a full house wash along with gutter whitening for the ultimate curb appeal.

So if you need  some residential Pressure Washing here in Charlotte NC and surrounding areas go here  and fill out your information or just give us a quick call at 704-321-013. Thanks for reading