Pressure Washing Service in Charlotte 28277

Keep Your Cement Driveway or Walk Clean with the Best Pressure Washing Service in Charlotte

Sidewalks and driveways in the Charlotte area see a lot of traffic. Green Alga, grime, mildew, and a host of other things are tracked onto the concrete surfaces by both feet and tires as well. Keeping the sidewalk and driveway clean year after year takes a lot of effort.  Dave Mac’s Power Washing Service provides the best pressure washing service in the area, hands down. Dave handles the job from start to finish. Your job start with talking to Dave directly and ends with Dave doing the work.

Why Choose Dave Macs Power Washing?

Power washing a flat horizontal surfaces requires a slightly different method and equipment than power washing the siding or some other vertical surface. You can, of course, use a lot of the same equipment, but it takes longer because you’re fighting against gravity. We use special surface cleaners that are dialed in just for residential cement, and cleaning solutions that allow us to restore your concrete surfaces leaving the cement sparkling clean.

Sidewalk Power Washing

Many area property owners call us to wash the sidewalk for their residential or commercial property. The process is the same for both residential and commercial property owners. We remove the following from sidewalks and driveways:

  • Algae, Mildew, Dirt,Grime: Power washing alone simply removes surface dirt and algae. It doesn’t clean deep into the surface and porous areas of the concrete to remove and kill algae. You have probably noticed that algae grows back rather quickly after just pressure washing. We also use a cleaning solution when needed that kills the mildew and alga at the roots. So it will grow back anytime soon. If needed we use a brightener to sparkle up the cement at the very last step.

Sidewalk Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping most everything clean and operating as intended. We perform regular maintenance on power tools, our vehicles, and even in terms of our physical and dental health. The same basic idea of maintenance should be followed in regards to your sidewalk and driveway as well. A clean sidewalk is very attractive. It improves the curb appeal of your property and looks inviting.

Call Dave Mac’s Power Washing Service at 704-321-0123 to schedule an appointment or discuss your power washing,  needs with us. Remember, fall is the time of year when you should be focusing on regular home maintenance and . Let’s get it done before colder weather hits!

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Thanks to all my great customers for another great year here in Charlotte NC. God Willing I am looking forward to great 2017 year.