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The dreaded look of algae, mildew and mold on your homes siding is not only a eye sore, but in many of the communities we work for in and around the Charlotte area it is against the rules, and you could face fines if not cleaned right away . Furthermore and  most importantly algae and mildew will shorten the life of the siding that it is clinging to, and cause premature ware and tear, if not cleaned in a proper time period. So let me help you stop the deterioration of your homes siding and get the pesky HOA off your back at the same time.


Benefits of Low-Pressure House Washing System

We use a safe Low-Pressure High Water Volume House Washing system to clean your home, that has been tested and proven to be the most effective and safe way to clean your home. We have a special house wash soap that is designed with surfactants and water softeners along with rinsing agents to give your home a thorough cleaning. This soap we use is unique as it aids in cleaning and killing the mildew off your home. While keeping your landscaping safe. A lot of guys use dish washing soaps that are designed to help clean grease and food, not to kill algae and mildew. And is not a good choice. We do not use any pressure that could cause damage by leaving Zorro marks or having water forced into places it should not be.

Be cautious of who you hire.

Pros Vs Hacks With Pressure Washing
The example on the left shows streaks left all over a home. This was a poorly executed job! The example on the right shows what high pressure and inexperience can do to your siding!

All to many times we have seen inexperience part time guys using a walk behind pressure washer they just bought at big box store blasting the customers siding using little to  no cleaning solutions or just straight bleach, causing more harm then good. Here is another article that goes into more detail of what I am discussing  CLICK Here




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So if you just want a quick one side job done to get the HOA off your backs, or you want the whole house done we can help. Call us for you free no obligation Quote. We offer discounts for multiple homes.

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