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House Washing Charlotte NC

House Washing

It was a hot summer Carolina morning in Charlotte NC, we had some house washing to do in the  Steel Creek  area, and there was one mission at hand. That mission at hand was Mildew removal from vinyl siding. We  were on a mission to bring this house back to life, it looked like it had been neglected for several years. And the mildew and algae were having a breeding frenzy on this house.

Mildew and algae can make your house the eyesore of the neighborhood, it also deteriorates the finish and vastly shortens the lifespan of the very material that makes up your house, causing color fading and oxidizing on the siding. This is why we recommend having your house  professionally pressured washed with low pressure every 12-18 months.   With our low-pressure house washing system we can safely remove all mildew, mold, algae, grime, and other contaminants that are causing that eye sore and deteriorating the finish of your home.

Mint Hill NC Power Washing Service
This customer had green algae on the side of their home that was difficult to reach – It’s no problem for us!

Please do not let anyone using high pressure  wash your home, this is a very unsafe method, and can cause many issue, like destroying the finish of your vinyl siding, you can read more about what happens when using high pressure to wash our home  here. We use environmentally friendly cleaning agents to do the work.  We wet all vegetation down before , during, and after to assure the safest possible treatment of your property. This ensures the safety of your plants and shrubbery around your house.