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Hiring a professional pressure washing service helpful tips, in this article I am going to discuss things to look for and questions to ask when hiring a professional Pressure washing service in the Charlotte NC area. I hope you find this information useful and helpful in avoiding one of the horror stories we all here about.


What separates the pros from the “not so professional”

  1. Equipment is one of the biggest things I see in this industry that separates a truly professional company from a guy looking for some quick money. Most professionals will have all there equipment mounted on the inside of a trailer or truck, they will not be rolling a machine around your house. Rolling a machine around your house is one of the easiest red flags to spot that is someone who has not invested in professional equipment, and is trying to cut corners for what ever reason.  Most professional Pressure washing rigs have anywhere from 10-20 thousand tied up in the equipment to do the job efficiently and to give the customer the best job possible. Here is another article I wrote that goes into a much more in depth look at equipment  Here

2. Experience is another thing that really separates the true professionals from the others. This is a seasonal business wich as a owner operator I enjoy the slow time in the winter, come March               I am ready to go. But what about the companies that have employees, what I see a lot of the time is come March they are looking for new help and then spending a month or two training                     them.  These type of companies typically work on volume and low prices because they have lots of employees to keep busy. The thing is these employees usually have less then a year in the                 field with experience. Pressure washing in the wrong hands or with lack of experience can do a lot of damage. There are lots chemistry you have to know to be able safely clean many surfaces            on a home, use the wrong cleaning solution and you could have a nightmare on your hands.

3. Knowledge of the many type of cleaning solutions to be able to clean effectively is something that take time learn. There are many different process I have developed to wash a home. For                       instance pavers take a completely different process then washing cement. If you use the same process on pavers as you do on cement you could destroy the finish on the pavers. Washing                   vinyl siding has to be done with proper cleaning solutions in order to kill the algae and mildew at its roots, this is done with a soft wash system, NOT pressure. As pressure could destroy the                siding.

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