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Power Washing

Well its that time of year, the holidays are among us and it is a good time to reflect back through out the year. First I would like to give thanks to my heavenly Father for all the blessing I have received this year, for with out Jesus non of this would be possible. It has been a great year for Dave Macs Power Washing, we made some big changes this year, going from a company that used to offer a lot of different services like painting and staining and gutter cleaning, to a company that now only specializes in Pressure Washing. Yeah,… after 28 years in the Painting Service we decided it was no longer a good fit for us.

We have always offered Pressure Washing as one of our services, and now we strictly only offer Pressure Washing in Charlotte and the surrounding areas. We are very passionate about Pressure Washing at Dave Macs Power Washing and we are very excited about the up and coming years.

We offer the following services:

So if you need the house spruced up for the holidays or because you got one of those nasty letters from your home owner association, we are here to help, give us a call and get a free estimate, 704-321-0123