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Charlotte best Customer Service Pressure Washing Company

I would like to talk to you today a little bit about customer service in today service industry world. Just recently I made an appointment to have some work done on a damaged garage door at my home, well I talked to the gentlemen on the phone and set up an appointment for the next day to have the work completed, he wanted a window of three hours for estimated arrival time, I thought that was a little much but hey I said ok. Well the next day  came and the three-hour window of arrival time came and went and no garage guy showed up or even bothered to call! It seems in today’s world customer service side of things are suffering on a lot of fronts.

We see tons  new business come and go all the time, could it be they just cant keep their customers happy and the cost to acquiring new customers is much higher than the cost of keeping existing customers, forcing new companies to shut down. I am sure there are many reasons why most new companies shut down just after a few years in business. But there is no excuse for customer service being one of them.

Dave Macs Power Washing has been providing the finest customer service in the Charlotte and surrounding area since 2003, and it gives us great pleasure to do so. When the occasional problem does arrive (and this happens to every one) we run towards the problem and get it resolved ASP, this is when there is a true opportunity to show the customer how much we care about them. This is when a real customer service business shines, anybody can claim to have great customer service when things are going good, but how they handle an issue is what really makes the difference between great customer service and lack of customer service.

We look forward to building clients for life one job at a time.


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