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Dave Macs Pressure Washing in Charlotte NC holds A rating on Angie’s list along with a A+ Rating on the Better Business Bureau.

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We use a very safe effective way to remove the green algae, mildew and mold from all the surfaces of your home. We have special formulated washing detergents made specifically for house washing. We do not use regular dish washing soap or just some Clorox like a lot of the so called professionals do. This is what we do for a living, this is not a part time gig for us. We have the knowledge and experience to safely clean your home. Using just Clorox to clean your home will do nothing in the form of cleaning the surfaces, you need a good surfactant builder  for that. Surfactants boost your cleaning ability so soils and grime and other contaminants  can be loosened and removed easily from the surface  We use some sodium hypochlorite  to kill the algae and mildew at its roots so it will not come right back. With the proper mix of cleaning solutions their is no need for any pressure to clean your home. Using Pressure to clean your home usually causes more damage then good, and does nothing but blast off the top of the dirt leaving the roots of the mildew and algae to grow right back.

Best Pressure Washing

Our Low Pressure safe house washing system allows us to get in and get out in a relatively short time period so we do not camp out for a whole day working on your home. You do not even have to be their when we do the work, so you can have something to look forward to when you get home to a nice clean sparkly house. We truly believe we are the best Pressure washing company in the Charlotte NC area, so call today for your free quote. 704-321-0123.


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