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House Washing Charlotte NC
Before and After a Dave Mac’s Signature House Cleaning – Yes, That’s Water On The Camera.  But The House Looks Great!

Low Pressure House Washing in Charlotte NC

Often it doesn’t take long for the exterior of a home to get dirty.  If your house is in the shade you’ll be battling with algae and mildew if your house is in the sun it’s going to be dust, dirt and pollens.  Unless you keep on top of it your siding materials aren’t going to look as shiny and new as they did when they were installed.  A good power washing simply rinses it all away without hassles.

We use an exclusive superior cleaning system of “Low-Pressure” house washing. This system ensures that your home is cleaned, while not damaging any of your home’s exterior finishing materials such as vinyl siding or stucco which can be easily destroyed with a power washer.

Instead of intense pressure at the nozzle end we instead rely on high quality detergents to do the work, followed by high volume low pressure rinse to assure you the best job possible. This system is safer and more effective than the traditional high pressure “blast-off -the-dirt” method.

We are your house washing specialist, specializing in Low-Pressure House washing.  Exceptionally dirty or neglected houses are not a problem, we take it as challenge and we’re ready to accept!

Pressure Washing Services in Charlotte NC:

  • House Washing “Low-Pressure”
  • Pressure Washing
  • Washing Deck
  • Driveway & Sidewalk Cleaning
  • Multi – Family House Washing
  • Patio Cleaning

Why Hire Dave Mac’s Power Washing Team For Your Project?

When you choose Dave Mac’s Power Washing to complete your project you’re partnering with a firm that has more than 27 years experience in the power and pressure washing industry.

We are licensed and insured and we also provide workers compensation  to our employees as any business should.  We are much more than a couple guys with a truck and a power washer.

We are the true power washing professionals in your area.  We maintain state-of-the-art professional grade equipment (this isn’t stuff you could buy at the local home depot!).

  • Many 5 Star References, from Charlotte and surrounding areas
  • Member of Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List & the PWRA
  • You Deal Directly with the Owner
  • Environmentally Friendly Detergents & Soaps

If you are looking for a pressure washing service in Charlotte then please call 704-321-0123 or click the button below and we’ll setup an appropriate time to complete your project.