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 Vinyl Siding Cleaning

When cleaning Vinyl siding their  really only is one safe and effective way to clean it. Low-Pressure with the proper cleaning detergents is the only way a professional Pressure Washing Company will clean Vinyl siding, some people in the industry also refer to this as “Soft-Washing”. Weather you call it Low-Pressure Washing or Soft Washing it all boils down to letting the cleaning detergents do the work followed with a high volume low pressure rinse. With the Proper knowledge, the best cleaning solutions, and the correct equipment the vinyl siding can be cleaned of all the mildew, mold, and green algae and restore your home beauty again.

Professional Pressure Washing services can wash most all Vinyl siding homes effectively and safely from the ground. Thats right no more ladders banging on the side of your house, possible causing damage and rukus to your living environment, no more high pressure breaking the window seals and door weather stripping having puddles of water inside your house, no more ripping up the Vinyl siding and causing all kinds of zorro marks and other damage form using high pressure to clean your home. So please do not let any wash your home using pressure to clean the vinyl siding as it may cost you more to repair the damage then it did to wash it.

So if you got one of those nasty letters from the HOA or you just want to restore the curb appeal of your home, Call Dave Macs Power Washing 704-321-0123 for your free estimate, to safely and effectively remove the mold mildew and green algae from your vinyl siding.