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Sidewalk cleaning

Side walk cleaning

Cleaning sidewalks (in Charlotte and Fort Mill, Waxhaw, Matthews, Rock hill, Weddington, and many more surrounding areas). Can be trick business when dealing with old falling apart brick sidewalk, you can not use pressure or you will blow out the mortar. This is where experience and knowledge of the correct cleaning detergents is crucial for achieving a good result. High PSI is the last thing you want to use cleaning most residential surfaces.

Making sidewalk safe again

Sidewalk can build up a good amount of green algae on them if the are not cleaned on a regular basis. The green algae is not a good thing, it becomes very slippery and could cause someone to fall very easily. It also deteriorates the finish of the surface and can cause premature failure of a surface.

Different types of sidewalks

Many different surfaces require different applications for the best job possible. Examples of these different types of surfaces that make up many kinds of sidewalks here in the Charlotte area are as follows. Brick, pavers, cement, sandstone, slate, and may more. We at Dave Macs Power Washing have 30 plus years experience cleaning various surfaces with amazing results. You can go here and get a free quote right now on line HERE.

Why hire Dave Macs Power Washing

Owner operator, I wont be sending out any subs, or someone who has no experience to do the job. I do every job myself and am 100% responsible. I have the best equipment money can buy. You can read about my set up here here.   I have 30 plus years experience in the power washing field and enjoy my work I look forward to servicing you can call me and talk about your power washing needs on my cell phone 704-321-0123. I look forward to hearing from you.

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