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Customer Service the difference

When dealing with a owner operator service the level of customer service and quality of work performed is usually much better then dealing with these big franchise mega companies. I have always been a fan of the small shop where the owner is getting his hands dirty. One of the many reason is simply the level of care you get from a owner compared to a employee. For example A big company will have policies in effect to protect themselves from any liability that could be foreseen. Well that great but it also throws common sense out the window, let say the big company has a policy that the employees are not to move any objects from the areas to be washed (which I like) that’s great and I have the same policy, however what happens when a customers forgets to move the objects. Well with the owner operator he will usually just go ahead and move the stuff and take care of the job. You think the employee will care enough to take the extra time in order to do the job and brake company policy, probably not and you will have to reschedule. At least with the owner operator its in the best interest of the owner to get it done. The employee probably does not care.


Employee verse owner

As owner of the company performing the work, I have years of experience in the field, and lets face it all the company hand books and policies do not stack up to experience. This is a seasonal business so companies that rely on employees usually are hiring and firing different employees every year. I do not think anyone can really become a expert technician in there trade in a year.


Dave Macs Power Washing is owner operator

I enjoy washing houses and do not plan on stopping anytime soon. So you know who you are getting on the job when you hire my company to wash your home. 30 Plus years in the pressure washing field with the best equipment money can buy equals the cleanest possible house for you.  Check out our online free quote  Here or call me and speak with me directly 704-321-0123 about all your Pressure washing needs

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