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House Washing Equipment

Today we are going to look at the many different ways and techniques of washing a house. Some of these techniques are good and some are bad, so hopefully after reading this article you will be able to determine the best safest way to have your home washed. We feel we use the best most efficient safest way to wash your house and want you to be aware of the differences and possible dangers using other techniques to have your house washed.

Direct application method, this is when the soap is applied to the surfaces of the house with a direct pump such as a pump up garden sprayer or a 12 volt pump, the soap is not mixed with any other source of water. This method is sometimes called soft washing low-pressure washing and usually yields very good results. The advantage of this system is you can put a much stronger mix on the surface then with other application methods. The down side to this method is, it is very time consuming and and you may have to use ladders because most of the pumps do not spray that far. This method of washing is very good for roofs and pavers wear a much stronger mix is needed and the distance of the stream is not that important. But for house washing it is simply not efficient.

X-Jet method, this is when the soap is applied by a tip that is connected at the end of the lance on your pressure washing gun, the x-jet tip has a hose that runs to the soap bucket, wear the soap is pulled from and mixed with the water coming from the machine. This method is dangerous to wash houses with because of the high pressure that it puts out. Lots of things can go astray when using high pressure to House wash. For example you can cause the dreaded Zorro marks that look like stripes on your siding. Water intrusion becomes a much higher risk. The X-jet does have some good benefits as it can deliver a very strong mix, up very high if needed. But in general we try to stay way from X jets for basic house washing.

Down streaming is by far the most practiced method among professionals in the industry for house washing. This method allows you to safely and effectively wash most all homes from the ground with low pressure or what some call soft washing. The stream of soap that can be achieved with different tips for down streaming can range from a 5 foot fan to 40 foot stream, all while remaining to be low pressure. The chemical injector is installed after the pump, I prefer putting them on the hose reals, but anywhere after the pump is fine, with quick connects for easy removal and installation. The soap is pulled from a soap bucket and introduced into the water stream of the pressure washer. So the soap is mixed with water from your pressure washer. Using different tips at the end of the lance of the pressure washing gun you can turn off or on the soap. High pressure tips will cause the down stream injector to stop pulling soap thus turning off the soap, while low pressure tips will cause the injector to pull soap. You can also install a ball valve on your soap line to switch off the soap and continue to use the low pressure high volume tips to finish rinsing the house.

In conclusion we recommend using the down streaming method most all times when it comes to house washing.