Curb appeal adds value to your house!!


Driveway Power Washing

Curb Appeal

Trying to sell your Charlotte home? Start by checking out your homes current curb appeal.  Pressure washing can be one of the most cost efficient ways to add value to your home and restore the original curb appeal, without straining your wallet. Start looking around at the siding of your home the sidewalk, the driveway, the deck, the back patio.

These are all areas that should be maintained yearly to assure their cleanliness. Often times these items are neglected and get weathered and filthy. Not only does cleaning these items on a regular schedule, help maintain and even add value to your home, it helps in the safety of the people coming to your home. A moldy driveway or deck can become very dangerous when slippery especially when wet. Pressure washing these items can remove the slippery mold that forms over time restoring its original beauty and curb appeal, Pressure washing can also be considered safety preventive maintenance.

So in summary not only does regular pressure washing your Charlotte home help prevent issues arising later down the road from neglect, it also helps in adding to the safety of people visiting your home from possibly slipping on moldy surfaces. All this and adds great value to your home weather  your trying to sell it or just enjoying it yourself, at a very low cost compared to many other home improvements projects.

So if your in the Charlotte NC and surrounding area please give a call 704-321-0123 to discuss your Pressure Washing needs.