Charlotte Best Pressure Washing Service

Charlotte Best Pressure Washing Service


Owner/operator advantages.

One of the many things that separate my Pressure Washing Service, is the fact that it is a owner operator service. What does this mean to the customer? Well it means the guy you are speaking to about your job is the guy that is actually doing the work. This is a rarity in today’s service industry.  So when something happens on the job I know first hand what it going on. I can also communicate to the client of any special needs that may need to be addressed by them, that they are not aware of. For example I washed one house this year and on a third stories section of the house the siding was missing, the client was not aware of this (so high up could not really see from the ground) until I brought it to there attention and they were ever so grateful.

Another example of owner operator advantage would be experience. I personally have been pressure washing houses for over thirty years, and in Charlotte area since 2003. I have studied the industry for countless hours and have become very knowledgeable of all the cleaning solutions available to achieve the best possible results for washing your home. I have spent countless hours testing and experimenting to achieve the best solutions for your house wash. All this knowledge, experience and proven test results is just one of the many things you get when you hire Dave Macs Power Washing Service.

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Common issue with services that have employees.

One of the main issues with services that have employees, is that they usually have a high turn over rate. Meaning chances are when you use a company like this you will have a different employee show up to do the work at your each time. I personally enjoy the relationship building that my owner/operator company allows for and look forward to washing houses for all my repeat clients. Pressure washing is a seasonal business, and that is why most companies that have employees have to hire employees  every year. So there is a very good chance most employees of these companies have less then a year experience in the industry of Pressure washing. I do not believe a person can learn any trade and become a expert in there field with only a year of experience.



I think common sense will tell us who will care more about the job being done properly, a employee or a owner/operator I think you would agree the later of the two. Have you noticed in today world almost all service business’s are some type of name, never the owners name, and it seems almost that some owner hide themselves from the client.  When I grew up almost all companies were owner operators and there names were displayed in the business name and they were proud of it, and I remember service in general being a lot better them days then it is today. That is why I have chosen to keep my name in the business name. You are getting me when you hire my company and I stand behind my work.  I Realize this is old school thinking and most smart guys tell you its not a good thing to do, but old school thinking and old school good customer service is what I am all about. We just do not have many good old school customer services available in today market in any industry IMO.