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Boost Your Curb Appeal by Power Washing Your Home before You List it for Sale

Boost Your Curb Appeal by Power Washing Your Home before You List it for Sale

Selling a home in the Charlotte area is an exciting time in every homeowner’s life. There’s generally a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time, so it is also one of the most stressful times in your life. You will likely struggle to keep everything showroom ready, especially if you’re living in the home until it sells. Certain long-lasting things can be done to the exterior of your home to boost curb appeal so you can focus on the things that need daily attention. Pressure washing your siding is one of those things.

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Pressurized water can be damaging if it isn’t properly used. Highly pressurized water can strip paint, cause splinters, and even create the mold and mildew problems you’re trying to avoid. Add these potential issues to the fact that using pressurized water and climbing onto a ladder can be dangerous; this is why we recommend hiring a pressure washing service in Charlotte to wash your home safely with low pressure from the ground, before you list it for sale.

We are specialized experts with low pressure house washing. We know the proper soaps to use to get the job done and to kill the root of the problem. We are fully licensed and insured,  so give us a call at 704321-0123 and talk to us about the Benefits of using us for your low pressure house wash.

Everyone likes to look at their home and feel like it’s the most beautiful home in the neighborhood. But there are many other benefits tied to keeping the exterior of your home clean as well.

  • Improve Property Value: A clean home without signs of obvious neglect is worth more than a home that has been allowed to go dirty for years. Pressure washing your home before you list it for sale just makes good sense.
  • Protect Property Value: Pressure washing removes the pollen and grime that eventually takes a toll on your siding. Removing the grime once a year protects your investment by keeping the siding clean.
  • Greater Sense of Pride: We touched on this already, but it is worth mentioning again. All homeowners take pride in the exterior appearance of their home, and potential buyers are looking for a home that has been well-cared for.
  • Reduced Chance of Harmful Growth: Mold, mildew, and algae are very damaging to your siding. Removing them will extend the life of your siding.
  • Saves Time on Cleaning: We have several different cleaning methods for different surfaces. They include soft washing, low pressure, surface cleaning cement . We use different methods for different types of siding or other materials.

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The housing market can be brutal. Many homes stay on the market for a year or longer. The average length of time for a home to be on the market is at least 180 days, or six months. This is a long time to keep your home showroom read in case the realtor needs to bring a potential buyer by for a showing.


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