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28277 Best Pressure Washing Service

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28277 Best Pressure Washing Service

We have been servicing the Charlotte and surrounding area since 2003, and have enjoyed a steady stream of repeat clients that we have grown long term relationships with. We have a true passion for Pressure washing, and that is why we only offer Power Washing services, so we can focus on one type of service and be the very best at what we do. Ever here that term “Jack of all trades and master of non” I do not want to be labeled with that. I see all to often the landscaper that goes out and buys a pressure washer at home depo and thinks he is going to offer Pressure washing service on top of landscaping. Cant blame a guy for wanting to do better, but with proper research and experience you will soon find out that the big box stores do not sell any professional commercial grade Pressure washing equipment. So be careful if you hire someone and they pull up with a big box pressure washer. One of the biggest differences in a professional Pressure washer and one gotten at a big box store is the Gallons Per Minute (GPM) the more GPM (not PSI) the greater the ability to clean and clean efficiently. Dave Macs Pressure Washing has the capability on our rig to produce 18 GPM , that is a whole lot of Gallons per Minute. The largest GPM Pressure washer you can purchase at big box store is about 4 gallons per minute. So now you know one of the biggest misconceptions homeowners have about pressure washing, most homeowners think PSI is king when it is not relevant and GPM is king when cleaning.


28173 Best Pressure Washing Service

Cleaning solutions is another thing that can separate the pros from the hacks. We use the proper Surfactants with our custom blend that has been tested and tested over the years for the best possible cleaning of your home. Having the proper cleaning solutions allow us to soap the windows and rinse them with out worry of spotting them up. The rinsing agents in the solution even allow the soap to be rinsed off the window easily if dried. Store bought soaps like dish washing soap may not have these types of features included in there make up.


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