Low-Pressure House Washing Mathews NC

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Low-Pressure House Washing Mathews NC

Why Low- Pressure house washing is better then high pressure house washing?  With the right mixture of cleaning solutions the results you get from low pressure house washing  are far superior compared to the results you get  from high pressure house washing. The detergents we use will give a deep cleaning,  killing the mildew and algae at the roots, while high pressure will simply knock of the top layer leaving the roots of the mildew and algae to grow back in a short time, and may not come as clean. Making the results of Low-Pressure house washing using the correct cleaning solutions the far superior way to achieve that curb appeal you are looking for.

Not only does Low Pressure House washing offer a far better result then high pressure house washing, it is also much safer for the house as well as the workers. WIth Low-Pressure you can do almost all  house washes from the ground and achieve superior results, while using high pressure you have to use ladders  creating a much more dangerous environment, and the potential for damage or injury increases greatly.

You can see some of the effects of high pressure house washing here in another article. So in summary Low-Pressure house washing kills the roots of the mildew resulting in a much deeper clean, and Low-Pressure house washing also is safer for the house and the workers, creating a much safer environment for the home and the worker.  

The House Wash solution is a biodegradable detergent that is safe for all vegetation, pets and people.